2022 STUDS Ear Piercing Trends

The hottest ear piercing trends of 2022 according to our expert Studs piercers!

2022 STUDS Ear Piercing Trends

Hey Studs, if you’re anything like us and ready for a Hole New You® in 2022, you’re probably starting to plan your next piercing(s) to bring your dream Earscapes® to life. In need of some earspiration? We asked our expert Studs piercers to predict the hottest ear piercing trends of 2022! Check them out below:

Piercing: Studs Snakebite® on the Midi Helix

What is it? Two piercings placed close together in your midi helix area to pack a punch and draw attention to your Earscape®.


Piercer: Tara, Studs Domain NORTHSIDE
Why: “It’s been having a whole entire moment in 2021 & I think it will carry into 2022!”


Piercing: Stacked Lobe

What is it? Two lobe piercings stacked either directly on top of each other or diagonally, creating an elevated look to your lobes.

Piercer: Rebecca, Studs Nolita
Why: “As ear piercings are becoming more popular, many clients notice that their first few lobe piercings were done unevenly or their ears have changed over time. As a result, people are becoming more conscious of their Earscapes and looking to fill the gaps left by mall piercings. The stacked lobe offers them a way to elevate their current holes that may not be as symmetrical as they'd like. It is also an excellent alternative for clients who want something unique but don't want the 6-12+ month healing commitment an upper-ear piercing requires.”


Piercing: Studs Snakebite® in the Conch or on the Flat Helix

What is it? Two piercings placed close together in your conch (right) or your flat helix area (left) to pack a punch and draw attention to your ‘scape.

Piercer: Payten, Studs Upper East Side
Why: “Snakebites in the conch or on the flat helix are slowly becoming more popular now, and when I see clients with these piercings, other people in the store love them and take note. Some people will take a picture to save for their next piercing.”


Piercing: Daith

What is it? A piercing that goes through the ear's innermost cartilage fold.

Piercer: Ileana, Studs Century City
Why: “Towards the end of the year I’ve had a lot of clients come in wanting bigger changes. The past 2 years have been difficult with the pandemic, so crazy changes that benefit your confidence like the daith help with that.”


Piercing: Conch

What is it? A piercing that sits in the inner part (the ‘concha’) of your ear.

Piercer: Ash, Studs Nolita
Why: “Conch is very versatile. It can be dainty or have a large piece. Everyone seems interested in it.”

Piercer: Mia Hume, Studs Domain NORTHSIDE
Why: “A conch piercing is eye-catching and a little edgy!! It’s also a great spot to display longer and/or curved jewelry.”

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