Piercing at Studs

We think piercing should be clean, simple, and stress-free with earrings that suit your personality. We believe piercing with needles (never guns!) is safest and healthiest. And we think a piercing studio should be a place you actually want to hang out while you decide on the eternal question – to pierce or not to pierce. 

The Studs Way

  • We pierce with single-use, Statim autoclave-sterilized needles
  • We only pierce ears
  • All of our piercing jewelry is implant-grade, with flat backs for optimal healing
  • Our piercers are welcoming, experts at their craft, and guide customers through a personalized consultation and earscaping journey before the piercing process


Meet Our Piercers


Hometown: I'm from Philly and have lived in NYC for three years.
Piercing origin story: I grew up in a tattoo shop, and came up through tattoo culture. My dad was biker, so I hung out in tattoo shops after school. I'm not very artistic, so I couldn’t tattoo but wanted to be in the scene. When I first started piercing, I would have to pierce myself and I pierced my septum. 
Why Studs: I like to educate people on what a good, clean, safe piercing experience looks like. I also love anytime I get to do someone's first holes and be that first experience for them - I never got that at tattoo shops, and it's exciting every time. 
Certifications: Blood pathogen & CPR
Other hobbies and interests: Football, I collect sneakers (Nike & Jordan, foamposite), and I love going to shows and seeing live music. 


Hometown: I'm from Queens
Piercing origin story: I've been piercing for four years, with most of my career in tattoo shops. I was a receptionist at a tattoo shop and built a bond with everyone there, and they threw me in and started training me. 
Why Studs: Everyone's ears are different and there are so many different possibilities. I like looking at someone's personal style and figuring out with them what will work best for them, and letting piercing be the entryway into their self-expression journey
Certifications: Blood pathogen & CPR
Other hobbies and interests: Oil painting, makeup, and designer fashion & styling. 


Hometown: Charlotte, NC – I've lived in NYC since April 2019
Piercing origin story: In high school, all our friends would pierce ourselves at home. My mentor taught me, and I worked at 510 Expert Tattoo in Charlotte for five years. It felt like it was almost meant to be. My favorite thing to pierce are daiths. 
Why Studs: I love when kids come in for their first piercings! It makes them feel like royalty, and makes them surprisingly so much braver!
Certifications: Blood pathogen & CPR
Other hobbies and interests: I like to drive my dog to Long Island and let her run around. In Brooklyn, I love just walking around and checking out different bars. 


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