The Studs Zodiac


Aries rules the HEAD. Give yourself a temple massage, and put a bit of peppermint oil on your wrists to bring some cooling energy. Movement is essential for Rams, so stream an at-home cardio workout like Dance Church. Song to dance to: “Touch My Body” by fellow Aries Mariah Carey . 


Taurus rules the MOUTH. Make a simple lip scrub (honey + sugar) to moisturize and luxuriate. Home is your safe space. Make a pillow fort with cozy blankets and throws to cuddle in. Also, change your pajamas. Song to dance to: “All Me/Change Your Life” by fellow Taurus Kehlani. 


Gemini rules the HANDS. Give yourself or a loved one an at-home manicure. You need to talk–we get it–so prioritize FT with loved ones, but then unplug and recharge. Try to do this every day for at least a few hours. Song to dance to: “My My My!” by fellow Gemini Troye Sivan.  


Cancer rules the STOMACH. Have you tried dry brushing yours? Baths are really helpful for you right now, so take a long one if you can. If you can’t, play some ocean sounds as white noise. Song to dance to: “A Public Affair” by fellow Cancer Jessica Simpson. 


Leo rules the HEART. Try camel pose or some breathwork to open yours. Just because you can’t strut your stuff outside doesn’t mean you can’t indoors. Take fun pics of yourself in different outfits for inspo when you’re back IRL. Look to Clueless for help. Song to dance to: “Diamonds” by fellow Leo Young Thug.  


Virgo rules the LIVER. You can make an easy detox mask with manuka honey or plain yogurt. Order a plant from a store that’s still selling them or care for the plant BBs you already have at home. They’re your friends. Song to dance to: “Don’t Stop Me Now” by fellow Virgo Freddie Mercury. 



Libra rules the KIDNEYS. You can boost them by drinking a ton of purified H2O. Mineral water is actually best, if you can find it. You align with Venutian energy, so throw on some lipstick, highlighter, mascara or any other product that makes you feel GOOD. Yeah, it’s for Zoom, but it’s really for YOU. Song to dance to: “Case of the Ex” by fellow Libra Mya.  


Scorpio rules the NOSE. What smells are comforting to you right now? Try baking or cooking something that reminds you of good times. If you can’t cook, safely order in (and tip your service workers!) Seek out some dark comedies to lighten your mood -- Beetlejuice, for a start. Song to dance to: “All the Stars” by fellow Scorpio SZA.  


Sag rules the HIPS. You likely are feeling stir crazy, try a salsa lesson on youtube. Dance it out! You know how most computers/TVs have those beautiful nature/city images from around the world? Put that on while you’re doing work around the house to inspire you. Song to dance to: “How Long” by fellow Sag Charlie Puth. 


Cap rules the TEETH. Okay, this might sound silly, but try flossing. It will be therapeutic, we swear. You’re used to handling business. Now it’s time to focus on pleasure – buy a new sex toy and devote some QT to playing. ENJOY. Song to dance to: “Family Affair” by fellow Cap Mary J. Blige.  


Aquarius rules the BLOOD. Oxygen is so helpful for blood flow, so open your windows daily. If you have the space and ability to go outside for a social distanced walk, do it. You could probably benefit from an apartment deep clean. Promise. Song to dance to: “Watermelon Sugar” by fellow Aquarian Harry Styles.  


Pisces rules the FEET. We cannot underestimate the value of a good foot rub. You may be dreamy AF but you’re also empathic AF – turn off the TV and social media. It will help. Insight Timer is a great meditation app to try in its place. Song to dance to: “Raising Hell” by fellow Piscean Kesha. 

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