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Eliza Dumais 

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Lifestyle Editor @ Refinery29

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Bee Stud


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Describe your style

I’m pretty unapologetically influenced by every single woman I see wearing an exceptional outfit on the subway so it’s hard for me to pin this one down. I own a small arsenal of white T-shirts and a thoroughly unreasonable selection of gingham garments. Lately, I’ve been on a Western kick which is probably some sort of subconscious rebellion against my New York City upbringing. I don’t wear makeup really, so when I get dressed, I often feel like my outfit needs to assert that I am, in fact, put together, whether or not that rings true.


How many piercings do you have? What's your most memorable piercing experience? 

I have 4 in my left ear, three in my right, and one in my nose. When we were kids, we used to get our ears pierced on St. Marks in the East Village at a whole roster of venues we knew wouldn’t 

card. I was the last among my tribe to turn 18 (I have a December birthday) so naturally, this is where I went for my second holes. I don’t remember too many of the details beyond a mild fear of tetanus and the fact that No Doubt was playing on an iPod speaker.

What's your daily stud look? How does jewelry play into your self-expression?

For the most part, I wear a full array of gold hoops, all in varying sizes. Wedged in between (for the novelty) I like to keep a few rotating studs — a lightening bolt, a star, a small cylinder. I don’t wear much jewelry otherwise, so as far as self expression, I feel like my ears are generally the most well adorned part of me. I like it that way — it feels like a poorly kept secret.


What are you watching or reading right now?

Right now I’m reading Leaving The Atocha Station. I read my first Ben Lerner book a month or two ago, so now, I am reading the entire Ben Lerner canon — I have an addictive personality only in the literary sense. I keep trying to read things in between so I can space out his work, but then, every other book just feels like a placeholder, which isn’t very kind of me. It’s like using novels as rebounds. So I had to give in.

If you could make one thing into an earring, what would be?

An orange slice.