Name: Tammy Mai

Age: 24

Insta: @tammytmai / @mintbymai

Occupation: Lash extensions artist and educator

Tammy's Picks

Drip Hoops

$44.00 (Pair)

Geo Hoop


Money Stud


Describe your style

If I could make a style baby out of Zoe Kravitz and Aleali May, I would 100%. Zoe’s effortless girl next door vibe and Aleali’s luxe streetwear etiquette are two juxtaposed styles that I absolutely adore.


How many piercings do you have? 

I’ve had 9 piercings but they’ve dwindled down to 4 at the moment. But I’m looking to bounce back to Studs for more! I’m ready :)


What's your most memorable piercing experience? 

My first piercing experience, which was in a bedroom upstairs in my grandma’s house in Vietnam. My aunt pierced me with a needle and I had to wear little thread “hoop” earrings for two months. 


What's the best advice you've ever gotten? 

Community is all we have. A sense of community combined with self awareness will bring happiness in its truest form. - My mom roughly translated from Viet to English.


What's your daily stud look? How does jewelry play into your self-expression? 

I normally go for hoops. Any form: big, small, huggie, etc. The circular shape swings really well with my face and gives me a slight South Central LA vibe that I’ll always pay homage to since I grew up there. 

What are you obsessed with right now?

The Hu Hazelnut Butter Dark Chocolate bars and the entire process of creating my business – no one said being an entrepreneur would be around-the-clock work! But I love it. :)

What are you watching or reading right now?

Watching – "Pen15" on Hulu (major Studs vibes); 

Reading – Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

If you could make one thing into an earring, what would be?

A retro gold hollow hoop earring where I can slip tiny notes in the earring – kinda like a message in a bottle/ time capsule. I can pass this down to my oldest daughter/son and they can pass it down to theirs. No one would ever know except for us.