Studs celebrates the freedom to live without labels and to not be confined to one prescribed identity determined by someone other than yourself. In this new era, (ear-a!?) we believe that ears are the new key to unlocking self expression, and we’re passionate about updating the piercing experience for all ears. Whether you want a fresh piercing or simply some new ear bling, we’re a team of earscape artists and we’re h(ear) for you.

Sinc(ear)ly, TEAM STUDS



As a #TEAMSTUDS Ambassador, you will have access to discounts for you & your friends, exclusive events, lots of Studs Swag (obviously), and opportunity to collaborate with us on upcoming launches. #Requirements: Must be 18 years or older and live in U.S. Must have an instagram profile, follow Studs on instagram profile must be public, and have at least 1500 followers on Instagram. Must regularly post so that there is an engaged audience and content must be relevant to Studs.


"The Glossier of piercing studios (and a far cry from Claire’s)" - VOGUE