2024 STUDS Ear Piercing Trends

The hottest ear piercing trends of 2024 according to our expert Studs piercers!

2024 STUDS Ear Piercing Trends

A new year calls for New Ear Resolutions and this year, we want you to go BIG with your Earscaping® journey. Whether you’re starting out 2024 with two piercings or ten, now is the perfect time to begin bringing your dream Earscapes® to life with those piercings you’ve been thinking about for months. Because when it comes to Earscaping®, more is always more.

In need of some earspiration? We asked our expert Studs piercers to share the hottest ear piercing trends of 2024. H(ear)’s what they predicted:

Piercing: Contra Conch

What is it? Also known as the outer conch, this piercing placement is the ridge of cartilage that sits outside the inner conch.

Piercer: Amy, STUDS Hudson Yards (NYC)
Why: “As long as your ear anatomy allows for this piercing, a pierced contra conch will be the center of attention forever and complements any earscape."

Piercer: Ronni, STUDS Wynwood (Miami, FL)
Why: “They are anatomy depending, so not all may have them - making them special."

Piercing: Stacked Lobe

What is it? Two lobe piercings stacked either directly on top of each other or diagonally, creating an elevated look to your lobes.

Piercer: Kayla, STUDS Fifth and Broadway (Nashville, TN)
Why: “I love a stacked lobe because there are so many different types of lobes and it looks so different on everyone. It’s a good way to style your ear in a different way especially if you are not ready for cartilage piercings yet. Whenever I have clients come in for a 3rd hole and they hardly have space I suggest a stacked lobe to give more free range of jewelry and they are always happy with that suggestion.”


Piercing: Studs Snakebite®

What is it? Two piercings placed close together to draw attention to your ‘scape.

Piercer: Mazzy, STUDS King Street (Charleston, SC)
Why: “I love that most clients who walk through the door are capable of getting this piercing. Conches are pretty easy on the body, both to pierce and heal, which makes it one of the easier snakebites you can get! The jewelry options are copious; you can mix and match piercing jewelry, or stick to a matching pair right off the bat. And once they’re healed, the option to put two hoops in looks STUNNING. It’s simply such a versatile, fun option!"

Piercer: Jaz, STUDS Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY)
Why: "Two is always better than one! It's cute to give your piercing a buddy to heal along side with"

Piercer: Jess, STUDS Back Bay (Boston, MA)
Why: “Very cute style and, gives you all sorts of choices on how to want to decorate/place it for the near future (ie. rings, studs, barbells)! It's also a very friendly way to introduce to people who aren’t too familiar on how to curate their ear for their earscape journey and [especially] if they’re looking to start off on easier advanced placements."

Piercer: Jac, STUDS Rice Village (Houston, TX)
Why: “Snakebite piercings in not just the helix but the conch area has been on the rise (as it is more protected than the helix from being snagged, easier to heal as it can be avoided more easily)." 

Piercing: Faux Rook

What is it? A piercing placed in the ridge right above the rook’s shelf, mimicking the top of a real rook piercing.

Piercer: Bella, STUDS Nolita (NYC)
Why: “With a traditional rook, the heal times can be intimidating and you're stuck with a traditional barbell for most of it. A faux rook allows you to really customize your jewelry and it's a unique placement that most others don't have. After it heals you can do some cool cascading chains as well!"

Piercing: Flat Helix

What is it? A piercing that is placed in the flat region of cartilage in the upper ear.

Piercer: Jade, STUDS Capitol Hill (Seattle, WA)
Why: “The flat helix is becoming more popular as people continue to do intricate earscapes. It is a perfect placement to showcase a statement earring, with complementing pieces nearby. You can add one or add multiple to make a [fun and unique] cluster look depending on your anatomy, but no matter what it’s iconic!"

Piercing: Snug

What is it? Also referred to as an anti-helix piercing, this piercing is placed along the inner cartilage ridge of the ear that is pierced horizontally (typically with a curved barbell).

Piercer: Elio, STUDS Seaport (Boston, MA)
Why: “The snug piercing sits horizontal above the anti-tragus in between the ridge of the conch and midi. This gives the snug piercing a unique and new alternative look if you want something out of the norm." 

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